Dublin Arts Council is housed in an elegant French-Eclectic styled building that was constructed in 1941 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This notable structure, once a private residence, is situated atop a sloping 4.32-acre estate, providing sweeping views of the Scioto River to the west. The property is rich with colorful stories and cultural heritage, providing inspiration to Dublin Arts Council in its mission to engage the community, cultivate creativity and foster life-long learning through the arts.

The home was originally built by prominent Columbus attorney Charles Krumm and his wife, Sarah. Eleanor and Andre Gelpi, founders of Swan Cleaners, purchased the home in 1947. Mrs. Gelpi, a pioneering businesswoman and local champion of the arts, made the residence famous through many gala events and celebrity guests she hosted in her home.

The city of Dublin purchased the property in 1999 and turned the home into a community center dedicated to the arts. Dublin Arts Center opened to the public on March 17, 2002 as the home of Dublin Arts Council. Dublin Arts Council leases the property at 7125 Riverside Drive from the city of Dublin.

Please explore the fascinating history of this facility and its cultural heritage by viewing the video and additional sections below.


Purchase of Dublin Arts Center

The City of Dublin purchased the property in 1999 with the vision of turning the home into a community center dedicated to the arts. Based on Dublin Arts Council’s past accomplishments and proven track record for success, the City of Dublin, in partnership with Dublin Arts Council, invested more than 1.3 million dollars in the purchase and renovation of Dublin Arts Center, which opened to the public March 17, 2002.


The Gelpi Family

The home was purchased in 1947 by Andre and Eleanor Gelpi for $50,000. At the time, both Andre and Eleanor were working for Swan Cleaners, the company Eleanor had founded in 1937. Andre had previously served as a senior executive with F & R Lazarus and Co.; however, at the birth of their third son in 1945, Andre left Lazarus and took over his wife’s rapidly growing company. Eleanor cut back on her daily involvement with Swan in order to devote herself to raising their three sons.


The Krumm Family and the Construction of Dublin Arts Center

The house at 7125 Riverside Drive was built in 1941 by Charles and Sarah Krumm. Charles Krumm was a prominent attorney-at-law in the firm Krumm & Schwenker and had extensive real estate holdings, including dozens of acres surrounding the property at 7125 Riverside Drive. The Krumm Family originally built a home in 1915 at 7075 Riverside Drive for use as a summer cottage, and the property at 7049 Riverside Drive was used as a caretaker’s home. In 1941 they built this home as a permanent residence.