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ARTboxes bring the art activities to you! This series of six art-sharing boxes provide free art activities and supplies year-round. Creative prompts and materials are designed to engage participants of all ages and experience levels, with themes rotating seasonally. Launched in 2020, ARTboxes aim to inspire creativity and expand art access in neighborhoods across Dublin.


Where can I find an ARTbox? 

ARTboxes look like “Little Libraries,” and are located in six spots around Dublin, including: 

  1. Dublin Community Recreation Center 5600 Post Rd., (front entrance)

  2. Scioto Park7377 Riverside Dr., Dublin, (near the Leatherlips sculpture)

  3. Dublin Arts Council, 7125 Riverside Dr., Dublin, next to the parking lot 

  4. Kaltenbach Park, 5985 Cara Rd., Dublin, (adjacent to the playground) 

  5. Near the Visit Dublin Ohio Visitors Center, 13 S. High St., Dublin, (next to the Frog Park sculpture)

  6. Near Pins Mechanical/16-Bit Barcade in Bridge Park, 6564 Riverside Dr., Dublin, (in the pocket-park)

What will I find in an ARTbox?

ARTboxes offer free art activities and supplies (such as crayons, pencils and journals), as well as information about upcoming Dublin Arts Council programming. Activities rotate seasonally, and often feature interactive worksheets inspired by Dublin’s public art collection and Dublin Arts Council’s current galley exhibitions. Periodically, Dublin Arts Council collaborates with local partners to offer a special display such as an artist takeover or cultural exchange project. 

Who takes care of the ARTboxes? 

Dublin Arts Council has a team of dedicated volunteers, called stewards, who care for the ARTboxes. Stewards visit the boxes two to three times each month to restock supplies, refresh signage and perform routine cleaning.

What if the box is empty?

ARTboxes provide about 7,500 free worksheets and boxes of supplies each year! As you can imagine, it’s hard to keep up with this engagement. If you see an ARTbox empty, we apologize for any inconvenience. We hope you will check back again soon. 

Share your vision.

Do you have an idea for an ARTbox activity? Or have you participated in this program? Please tell us your thoughts by taking a quick survey. Your feedback helps Dublin Arts Council obtain critical funding for the program.

Support ARTboxes

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a steward, please fill out the form below. Donations are always welcomed to help offset supply costs.

We'll be in touch soon!


A special thanks to
our ARTbox partners.

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