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D'Art's No Litter Box

D’Art’s no-litter cat box is a traditional cache inspired by D’Art the gallery cat, DAC’s most popular staff member from 2010-2022. D’Art’s cache serves as an introduction to the Riverboxes™ series and Riverboxes Challenge. Created by Dublin Arts Council staff in 2013, this cache can be found on the DAC grounds.

Clue #1

Pull in to the drive of the “castle” along the river. Stop and park your vehicle at the barrier to entry.

Clue #2

Look to the north where the arts flourish in Dublin. Walk forward several paces.

Clue #3

Look to the base of the trees that stand tall and stays green




Dublin Arts Center is located just north of the intersection of Emerald Parkway and Riverside Drive, and south of Hard Road. The arts center is on the west side of Riverside Drive, and is a large stone building with a stone sign at the entrance. If the gate is closed, you are welcome to park in the driveway and walk around it.

N 40º06.735'
W 083º 06.661'


N 40º06.746'
W 083º 06.625'


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