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Vigilant Vegetation II

Created by artist Jean Magdich in 2007. (updated in 2019)

Gardener and clay artist, Jean Magdich is the resident artist at The Logan Clay Products Company in Logan, Ohio where she develops garden-related functional and sculptural artworks. Magdich writes about the Riverboxes project, “The combination of traditional and contemporary approaches to entice a broad variety of people to interact in the community with nature and art is highly appealing to me.” Magdich believes that, “… any art piece, especially one made for a specific location, should blend with its environment, and at the same time, beckon for further investigation and a more intimate interaction.”


Clue #1

Enter the park and continue down
and around the curvy path. 

Clue #2

Take note as you pass over the first
short bridge. Continue across a second, long bridgeand follow the path to the right at the bridge’s end. 

Clue #3

Just before the third bridge, follow the fisherman’s path toward the water, where you’ll find Vigilant Vegetation keeping watch over the river along with his new fledgling!




Dublin Kiwanis Riverway Park, a natural wetland, is a habitat and safe haven for a wide variety of birds and plants. Wetlands clean and purify water. With more than 85% of its wetlands gone, Ohio’s diversity has also declined. Not only do wetlands help clean the water before it runs to waterways but they also hold run-off water so areas do not drain too quickly, causing flash flooding.

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Be inspired! 

Clay artist and ardent gardener Jean Magdich believes in creating art that offers the community a direct and tangible interaction. The artist felt it was valuable to establish an artwork that blended with its environment while beckoning further investigation and encouraging intimate interaction with the surrounding wetlands.

Magdich’s artwork encourages engagement through the exploration and discovery of nature and self.

Central Ohio Wetlands

Ohio Wetlands Foundation

Wetland history

Where water meets land

“Garden Woman”
Jean Magdich


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