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The Urur Dhex-Dhexaad Ah: Community In-Between blog serves as a space for the participants and artists of the exhibition to share their thoughts. Check back weekly for new posts!

Updates from Ahmed Ali

Being a part of this interactive project has been amazing for me! I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet local Somali trailblazers from Columbus. Hearing their stories alongside mine has brought a positive light to our community and I believe it’s changing the narrative. Sometimes when people hear  "Somali community”, an inaccurate idea that Somalis are a group of uneducated and insular people may form in their heads.

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Updates from I.C.

Since UDDA, I've moved on from being a mechanic and am focused on videography and photography work. I’ve been hired onto a media production company as a director, making commercials and promo videos for NASCAR racers. I currently work with DB3 Imaging where I plan, shoot and edit videos for various clients.

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A First-Person Experience of Urur Dhex-Dhexaad-Ah

I recently had the pleasure of exploring Dublin Arts Council's Urur Dhex-Dhexaad Ah, which translates from Somali to English as Community In-Between. This photography exhibition features portraits of 15 central Ohio Somali trailblazers. The [...]

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Reflections from a Community Artist by Faduma Hasan

Growing up with Somali parents for every Somali is a completely different experience. My parents promoted creativity but like most parents, education was the top priority. They always encouraged me to find my passion, they encouraged me to choose a career that I would love, of course with the many options there are, my young self went from everything from a fashion designer to a neurosurgeon. To this day, they promote that same message to my younger siblings.

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Reflections on the Project by Riya Jama

When Qorsho first approached me about being a mentor for a photo narrative project, I was ecstatic to begin my role as a mentor. The opportunity to utilize the skills I had learned throughout my life was presenting itself in the most beautiful way: through mentorship and empowerment of young Somali girls.

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Reflections on Urur Dhex-Dhexaad Ah: Community In-Between by Qorsho Hassan

As an educator, I often invite guests into my classroom in order to construct a safe space for Somali-American role models to be recognized for their excellence. My scholars' response to the guests are profoundly powerful and this classroom activity is one of the many reasons why Urur Dhex-Dhexaad Ah/Community In-Between was developed. Visible role models, who are minorities, play an important part in their marginalized communities because they allow members to see what they can be; they ensure dreamers have access to success.

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