Riverboxes Etiquette and Disclaimer:
Riverboxes are works of public art, created for the enjoyment of all. Please respect the artworks, the journals and ink stamps by carefully replacing the Riverbox contents and securing the enclosure for the next explorer to discover. Riverboxes are located in natural environments. We encourage you to spend time with each, enjoying the lovely surroundings. Please respect the flora and fauna of the Riverboxes’ environment and leave them as you found them. Letterboxing enthusiasts often replace leaves or pebbles around their “find” so that the next searcher will also be able to enjoy the experience of discovery.

Riverboxes are found outdoors, often near water environments, and your search carries the risk of unforeseen hazards. As weather and terrain conditions may vary, it is the responsibility of Riverbox explorers to adequately prepare for the search and conduct themselves with respect to safety and personal abilities and limitations.

Do not let children search for Riverboxes unsupervised.

By utilizing Riverbox clues, the searcher acknowledges the potential risk of the search and accepts responsibility for their own actions, holding harmless Dublin Arts Council and Riverbox supporters.