The Dublin Art in Public Places program was begun in 1988 and has grown to more than 60 large and small-scale permanent, temporary and interactive public art projects today. The mobile tour includes 21 stops with recordings from the artists or administrators close to the public art projects.

All audio can be accessed by calling 614-368-6999. You can also visit the full tour online at

The map below includes the tour stop locations. You can target specific recordings by selecting a stop:

Leatherlips, Stop 1
Out of Bounds, Stop 2
Field of Corn (with Osage Orange Trees), Stop 3
Dublin Rec Center sculptures: Charting History, Community Time Capsule and Running Man Frieze (after Muybridge), Stop 4
Jack Nicklaus tribute sculpture, Stop 5
Watch House, Stop 6
Going, Going … Gone!, Stop 7
Ascension, Stop 8
One Step at a Time, Stop 9
Narrow #5, Stop 10
Injection, Stop 11
Exuvia, Stop 12
Modified Social Benches, Stop 13
One Scene and Untitled, Stop 14
Jaunty Hornbeam and Sanguine Standing Stone, Stop 15
The Simulation of George M. Karrer’s Workshop, Stop 16
Playing Through (mobile street piano), Stop 17
Daily Chores, Stop 18
Tree of Life, Future Tense, Stop 19
Dublin Tunnel Mural, Stop 20
Feather Point, Stop 21

The Boat in the Field, Stop 22