Public Artwork in Muirfield Village:

This is a state-funded project that is unique in the history of Dublin’s art in public places collection. It is an unprecedented opportunity to collaborate with the State of Ohio on adding to the permanent collection through state funds. The Muirfield Home Owners Association (HOA) has helped identify these locations and is willing to gift the land to the City as per the matching requirement of the State Capital Grant. The State Grant requires this public artwork to be located and visible from Muirfield Drive.

The 2023 public art commission will be funded through an Ohio Facilities Construction Commission grant through the State of Ohio Capital Budget and the City of Dublin’s hotel/motel tax.

Three proposed locations for the 2023 large-scale permanent commission will be presented to Dublin City Council at its meeting on August 14, at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Dublin City Hall 5555 Perimeter Drive.

Whittingham/Muirfield Drive Public Artwork Finalists Selected:

An eight-member committee selected the finalists from a national pool of 121 artist applicants representing 33 states. Applicants submitted qualifications and photos of completed public artworks, a letter of interest and a community engagement statement as part of the application process. The committee reviews each application against a set of public art criteria.

Dublin Arts Council and The City of Dublin will welcome the finalists for a visit to Dublin this March in preparation for developing a site-specific proposal for the artwork. Following the site visit, these artists will develop fully-articulated design plans for, and with, our community. A presentation to the community will be planned for a later date.

The finalists are:

Chris J. Rench

Chris is an engineer and abstract artist in Oregon with extensive experience in large-scale colorful artworks in a variety of mediums. His portfolio extends over fifty-one public works in twenty- nine states and hundreds of private works from coast to coast, Europe, and Canada.

Ivan Depeña

With a Master in Architecture from Harvard University, Ivan is a multi-disciplinary artist with over twenty years of experience working with architects, fabricators, scientists and engineers, to realize his artistic vision and deliver reliable yet impactful projects. He has won numerous awards including the Arts Public Art Network (PAN) Year in Review in 2019, and Placemaking with Intention, CODAWorx in 2022.

Miki Iwasaki

Miki founded his independent design business in 2017. Miki Iwasaki, LLC focuses on public art and architecture and has created regional and national exhibitions. He has a Master of Architecture from Harvard University, and is an Adjunct Faculty member at Woodbury University, School of Architecture in San Diego, California. Miki believes public art works should be integrated thoughtfully into the landscape and should reflect the character and values of the community.

The selection committee includes:

Adam Hernandez, an accomplished artist, muralist, and designer. Adam is known for his street art and modern hieroglyphic inspired work. A passionate advocate for the Latine artist voice, Adam has painted murals in cities across the US as well as internationally.

Pamela Ellinger, a Dublin resident and retired CPA with twenty plus years of experience in both public accounting and private industry.

David S. Guion, Ph.D., Dublin Arts Council Executive Director and adjunct associate professor in the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy at the Ohio State University;

Michael Hiatt, earned a bachelor’s degree in art and technology and Master of Landscape Architecture, serving as landscape architect with City of Dublin’s Parks Department.

Robert (Bob) Fathman, a retired Clinical Psychologist who had a private practice in Dublin since 1984. He serves on Envision Dublin, a group of City officials and residents developing a Community Plan and serves on the Board of the Dublin Community Foundation. He is also active in the St. Brigid of Kildare 55+ Club, as well as with the Muirfield Empty Nesters group.

Elsie Sanchez, a painter living and working in Dublin, Ohio, graduated from the Ohio State University earning both her BFA and MFA. Her paintings have been exhibited locally and internationally.

Don Staufenberg, a product designer by background. Don earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design from Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. He has served as product designer with many prestigious companies.

Merijn van der Heijden, Director of Urban Arts Space since 2017, Merijn has provided leadership and strategic management, supporting and promoting the academic mission, arts curricula and research, cultural leadership, and artistic and intellectual enrichment of Urban Arts Space. She currently also serves as the chair of the City of Columbus Art Commission.

Site Selected: Whittingham & Muirfield Drive


Three proposed locations for the 2023 large-scale permanent commission were presented to Dublin City Council at its meeting on August 14, at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Dublin City Hall 5555 Perimeter Drive.

Selection Criteria

The minimum criteria for an Art in Public Places project site is that it be accessible to all, takes into consideration issues of public safety, and is feasible for the installation of artwork.

Understanding that some sites might satisfy some selection criterion, but not all, and that a variety of locale for projects is desirable, ideal locations for Art in Public Places projects should include but not be limited to the following:

  1. VISIBILITY. Highly visible, highly trafficked and easily accessible areas such as City Parks, the interior and exterior of City-owned buildings, major roadways and thoroughfares.
  1. EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY. Locations that are walkable to provide the viewer with 360-degree access to the eventual artwork and educational components of the collection, such as informative signage and the Dublin Art in Public Places cell phone tour signage. Sites that lend themselves to inclusion in national registries such as CultureNow should also be considered.
  1. HISTORIC SIGNIFICANCE. Locations with historic significance to Dublin and/or residents of the Dublin area.
  1. DISCOVERY. Locations where public art might not be expected or can be discovered by the viewer such as trails, bike paths and unique areas of City Parks.
  1. PROJECT SPECIFIC. Locations that lend themselves to a specific project, audience or desired form of public art.
  2. SENSE OF PLACE. Locations that, when activated by art, create a strong sense of place.

Dublin City Council approved this site as the home for this art commission.

Open green field with 360-degree access along Muirfield Drive just North of Whittingham Drive. Strength of location includes high visibility on Muirfield Drive with great sight lines, both north and south bound. The proposed knoll site is approximately 10-feet-high, which contributes to its visibility. Current landscaping includes pine and crabapple trees which can be removed to increase visibility of the artwork. Additional trees can be planted after the installation to create harmony and balance at the site. A canopy of trees over the walking/bike path contributes to a sense of discovery as one approaches the site. The site is accessible by several bike paths, as a drive by on Muirfield Dr., or as a tournament spectator entering or walking the course. The site is located adjacent to the 12th hole and the 13th gate for the Memorial Tournament which provides opportunities for broadcast visibility on a global stage. The site memorializes the historic significance of Jack Nicklaus and his vision to elevate the beauty of the natural landscape to create a world-renowned golf club and community.