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Some say we have to favor one side of the brain over the other. Biologist and children’s author, Ron Hirschi clearly proves this theory wrong. Hirschi’s inspiration for his riverbox comes from his science (left brain) and his storytelling background (right brain).

Hirschi strongly believes in helping communities learn about their environments and giving them the tools to create an environment that thrives. His passion for the art of storytelling allows him to relay science and the environment accurately to children and their parents through his enriching children’s books. In fact, Hirschi wrote a story specifically for Riverbox of the Sun to help the reader further understand his vision for the artwork, the value of the environment and to serve as a guide for riverboxers to make a difference of their own.

Hirschi’s message is firmly rooted in our environment’s interconnectedness. He reminds us that actions have re-actions and therefore, it is extremely important that we take care of our waterways, our wildlife and ourselves.

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