Stream was an original, site-specific, outdoor contemporary dance project, presented by Dublin Arts Council and OhioDance in collaboration with The Ohio State University Department of Dance, University of Akron Dance Program and Ohio Department of Education Division of the Arts.

Robin Prichard, University of Akron Assistant Professor of Dance, choreographed, involving dance students from University of Akron Dance Program and The Ohio State University Department of Dance. The dress rehearsal and the performances were live-streamed for a world-wide audience.

In taking the dance out of the traditional theatrical venue, Stream placed the audience immediately in relationship to the natural world and asked them to re-imagine their place within the natural world. Stream sought to foster a sense of interconnectedness – between the performers and the audience, between the audience and the land, and among individual audience members.

According to Prichard, “This artwork engages audience members with the opportunity to comprehend the simplicity of the infinite, and in doing so hopes to inspire thoughts about the interplay of cause and effect between humans and land.”

The approximate 40-minute performances took the audience on three distinct and interrelated journeys, from the personal and communal through emotional and physical landscapes to a culminating contrast of contemplation and action.

Prichard’s choreography is noted for its wit and vulnerability. It has been seen throughout the United States in venues such as Joyce/SoHo, Dance Space, Highways, California Choreographers’ Festival, Dance Kaleidoscope, as well as venues large and small in Australia. She is the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships, including a Fulbright scholarship. Prichard holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from SUNY Purchase and a Master of Fine Arts from the University California Los Angeles (UCLA).