Artist: Anthony Bible

Indian Run Meadows Park
6675 Fallen Timbers Dr.
Dublin, Ohio

Parking Coordinates:
N 40 06.567′
W 083 09.113′

Indian Run Meadows park is in a residential subdivision. The park is open dawn to dusk. Park on the street in the neighborhood, being courteous and respectful of residents.


GPS Coordinates:
N 40 06.545′
W 083 09.073′

Sentinel Riverbox was created by artist Anthony Bible in 2016 and is located in Indian Run Meadows Park.


  • Look for a path that will lead you between houses and into the meadows.
  • Move forward on the path until you can continue right or left. Do neither.
  • Instead, look to your right at the trees that keep their leaves year-round. Could something be hiding beneath them?

Artist and Credits:

Anthony Bible’s artwork consists primarily of weaving, and Sentinel is his first piece created with concrete. Bible worked for The Longaberger Company for approximately 17 years before returning to school to earn his Master of Fine Arts degree from Columbus College of Art and Design. He teaches fine arts at several universities throughout Ohio.

Sentinel was inspired by the Wyandot snake clan, and by the prevalent symbolism of serpents as guardians in native mythology.

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