artist: Joseph Wheelwright
date commissioned: 2009
location: Dublin Arts Center
address: 7125 Riverside Dr.

Cell Tour: 614-368-6999, Stop 15

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Sanguine Standing Stone (quartzite) and Jaunty Hornbeam (bronze) were acquired through Titration3: Rock, Paper, Sculpture, a one year, solo on-loan outdoor sculpture exhibition on the grounds of the Dublin Arts Council October 2009 through September 2010. The exhibition featured the work of Joseph Wheelwright, a Boston master carver and sculptor of stones, bones, trees and other natural materials.

The exhibition included three compelling works of art — an artwork in stone, a tree creation and a bronze sculpture. Two of the contemporary sculptures remain as permanent installations, selected by a community voting process. They draw visitors to the grounds of the Dublin Arts Center and encourage exploration of the riverfront grounds and the lovely historic facility.

Titration3: Rock, Paper, Sculpture was supported in part by a “Challenge America: Reaching Every Community” grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Titration is a common laboratory method used to add a measured quantity of a reagent, called a titrant, into an unknown reagent, called a reactant, to produce a chemical reaction. The exhibition series reflected the fluid properties of its name in the figurative sense: Dublin as a dynamic community, Dublin’s growing collection of public art and Dublin’s sense of cultural identity. The exhibition was co-curated by Dublin Arts Council Executive Director David S. Guion and public art curator Jesse Levesque Bishop of Louisville, Ky.