artists: Jeffrey Varilla and Anna Koh-Varilla
location: Muirfield Dr. median

cell tour: 614-368-6999, Stop 5

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The city of Dublin, in collaboration with Dublin Arts Council, commissioned the tribute to golf legend Jack Nicklaus by Chicago artists Jeffrey Varilla and Anna Koh-Varilla, to recognize the contributions made to the Dublin community by Nicklaus. His vision of a championship golf course surrounded by a first-class residential community became a reality in the 1970s with the creation of the internationally recognized Muirfield Village Golf Club.

In their representational sculpture which was unveiled in 1999, Mr. Nicklaus is shown not only as the senior master of golf, but also as a paternal mentor, teacher and role model. The figures are larger-than-life size, cast in bronze and located in the wide median at Avery/Muirfield Drive at Brand Rd., south of the Muirfield neighborhood and golf course.