Amberleigh Neighborhood Park
Enter path near home at
4805 Carrigan Ridge Court
Dublin, Ohio

Parking Coordinates:
N 40 07.977′
W 083 07.066′

Amberleigh Park is located off of Dublin Road north of the Brand roundabout.  Turn right on Amberleigh Way. Immediately turn right on Carrigan Ridge Drive. Follow the street until it ends at the court. Parking is limited. Please be courteous and respectful of residents.


GPS Coordinates:
N 40 07.993′
W 083 06.983′

House of the Rising Water Riverbox was created by artist Helma Groot in 2009.


  • Follow the path through the manicured park area.
  • Continue across the bridges … down, down the stairs toward the river.
  • At the very base of the stairs, stop and look underneath the path you just traveled.

Artist and Credits:
Artist Helma Groot currently lives in Columbus, Ohio. She often works in wood and welded metals. She focuses on mankind’s impact on the environment and her artwork often centers on the theme of fish.

Groot earned her MFA from Columbus College of Art and Design and has traveled and lived in many parts of the world, including Indonesia, Germany and The Netherlands.

House of the Rising Water Riverbox was inspired by the river and the many civilizations that have lived along its banks … the things they owned and the things they left behind. Explore the way in which the artist portrays the layers of sediment, land, water and sky and the remnants of the people who may have called this area home.

You can learn more about the artist’s inspiration in this YouTube video, taken when the artwork was installed.

Get Inspired!

Artist Helma Groot’s inspiration for creating House of the Rising Water is deeply rooted in archaeology. The history of the Scioto River and past civilizations that once resided in the area are the foundation of Groot’s message. House of the Rising Water urges us to ponder the connection between the past, present and future.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What ideas, materials or tools have past civilizations left behind?
  • What has our civilization learned from past civilizations and then implemented?
  • What will we continue to build as a society and leave behind for future generations?

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