Dublin Spring Park, Historic Dublin, Ohio
20 Riverview Street

Parking Coordinates:
N 40 06.091′
W 083 06.925′

Dublin Spring is located on the west side of the Scioto River, under the Route 161 (Bridge Street) bridge. Park in the Dublin library parking garage and continue on foot, south on High Street (Dublin Road). Walk east on Spring Hill toward the Scioto River. Turn left, or north, on South Riverview (there is NO PUBLIC PARKING on South Riverview). The park is accessible at the north end of South Riverview via a wooden stairway.

GPS Coordinates:
N 40 05.960′
W 083 06.712′

Ghost Tree Riverbox was originally created by artist Angelica Pozo in 2007. When the tree in which the artwork was placed became diseased and was removed, Pozo created Ghost Tree Sprout Riverbox, which was installed in 2010.

The Dublin Spring was the main source of water for the early pioneers and travelers on the Scioto River. Many beautiful and indigenous plant and animal life thrive in this part of the Scioto, and the water sustains that life.

There is NO PUBLIC PARKING on South Riverview. (Please park in the Dublin library parking lot and follow the directions down High Street on foot, turning toward the river on Spring Hill St. to Riverview; accessing the wooden stairway at the north in of Rvierview St.)

  • Walk under the structure that connects both east and west shores
  • Continue in the direction the river flows.
  • At the fork in the road, look toward the opposite shore.

Artist and Credits:
Cleveland-area artist Angelica Pozo sees the Riverboxes project as a natural extension of her body of work. Pozo writes, “For over two decades my work has visually and thematically dealt with the natural world, landscape, plant forms, and the environment.” Pozo is especially interested in the plant world. She states, “Plants are silent for the most part … So, I try to do my part of bringing the plant world to people’s attention.”

Her ceramic works range from shrines that elevate and exalt plants and nature; reliquaries that address conservation as a concept similar to storing seeds for future generations; and clay forms inspired by seedpods and floral shapes. Pozo sees her Riverbox combining all of these elements.

Get Inspired!

Artist Angelica Pozo derives her inspiration from all sources of nature, but connects specifically with the plant world. Through each artwork, Pozo aims to raise awareness and appreciation for plant life conservation. Pozo’s mission honors the sacredness of the natural world and communicates the need for its special attention, care and respect.

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