Jen and Jeremy Wood
Community volunteers

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Brandonway Bike Tunnel

4900 Brandonway Drive

Cell Tour:  614-368-6999, stop 20

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The Dublin Tunnel Mural was created in 2015 as a joint collaboration between Dublin Arts Council, ADAMH Board of Franklin County, ALTernative and the City of Dublin. The Dublin Tunnel Mural is the third mural created by ADAMH and ALTernative in the greater Columbus area, with others located in Westerville and the Olde Towne East neighborhood. The project was intended to offer the public the opportunity to have open discussions about our triumphs and struggles. The purpose of opening this dialogue is to spread a message that treatment works and recovery happens. The project united local residents and business to develop a creative vision for the neighborhood.

The mural project began with a community meeting in April 2015 to gather ideas and inspirations for the mural. A group of students from Bailey Elementary School was asked to think about designs for the mural centered on a theme of healthy living, and presented their concepts at the April meeting. Many of the students’ designs featured colorful fruits and vegetables, outdoor activities and messages about health and community. ALTernative took these concepts and created several preliminary designs which drew from the students’ ideas. The artists at ALTernative expanded upon the idea of vegetables as a symbol of health by incorporating companion plants – different crops that grow best when planted together – to illustrate the importance of diversity and cooperation in a healthy community.

After the final design was selected, artists Jen and Jeremy Wood began mapping out the mural. Using a projector and transparency sheets, the artists traced outlines of the mural onto the wall and created a “paint by numbers” scheme. The mural was then painted by more than 100 community volunteers over the course of several weeks.

Through a collaborative process, the entire Dublin community worked together to create a whimsical depiction of healthy living that will promote thoughts of diversity, collaboration and hope that will inspire us to embrace the differences of others so the community can grow and thrive together.

About the artists
ALTernative, a non-profit organization, promotes art and design to enhance the environment and improve quality of life. This arts collaborative was founded by Tim Lai and Eliza Ho in 2011. ALTernative engages the community throughout the artistic process. Upon being commissioned for this project, ALTernative connected with the community to gather thoughts, memories and inspiration for the design.

Jeremy Wood is originally from Marion, OH. He earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Columbus College of Art and Design and an Art Education Certification for K-12 from Notre Dame College. As a gifted painter with more than two decades of professional experience, Jeremy holds the impressive distinction of being a master of fine finishes. Jeremy enjoys playing ice hockey and works on the ice crew for the Columbus Blue Jackets. He and his wife of fifteen years, Jen Wood, are the proud parents of a boy and girl who attend Columbus Public Schools.