Masayuki Miyajima: Pattern-Form-Function/New Variations

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Masayuki Miyajima returns to the Dublin Arts Council gallery Nov. 8 through Dec. 15 with a solo exhibition of functional Japanese ceramic artwork in a continued exploration of material, form, substance and function. The exhibition features elegant handcrafted stoneware and porcelain objects, carved and inlayed with a variety of patterns and imbued with a combination of body, mind and spirit.

Miyajima’s studio and kiln are situated in the town of Motegi, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, just outside of the town of Mashiko, one of Dublin, Ohio’s Friendship Cities. He is a former apprentice of Shimaoka Tatsuzo, who was designated a “Living National Treasure” by the Japanese government.

To see a slideshow of Masa’s artwork that is available for purchase through Dec. 15, 2022, please click here.

Artist’s statement:
“My continuing focus is on making shapes that function well and to pair those shapes with surfaces that fascinate me. Work for this upcoming exhibition may look similar to work from previous shows and yet in the three years since my last exhibition it has naturally changed and developed. I make new variations of familiar pattern and form, pushing material, organizing and reorganizing patterns, continually experimenting with glaze, surface, color, material and form.”

The exhibition is generously underwritten by Hidaka USA, Inc., and the Dublin Community Foundation.

Masa will host hour-long workshops on Saturday, Nov. 12 at Dublin Arts Council. Fee is $18. Registration and tickets are available here.

Artwork shown: Altered vase; porcelain with Japanese arabesque pattern, carved and inlayed with iron slip. Light celadon glaze. by Masayuki Miyajima (Photo courtesy of the artist)


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