Berry van Boekel: The Top 100 2021

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Berry van Boekel: The Top 100 2021

on view at Dublin Arts Council

7125 Riverside Dr., Dublin

March 8 – April 14, 2022

Berry van Boekel: The Top 100 2021 is an exhibition of painted double portraits featuring a juxtaposition of the recorder and the one recorded. The paintings are accompanied by audio field recordings, compiled by Fort Myers, Fla. artist Berry van Boekel. The Top 100 began as a hobby for van Boekel while a teenager in the Netherlands as a way to pay tribute to his musical heroes. The first Top 100 collection featuring fully hand-drawn artworks debuted in 1991 and has continued annually. The exhibition from the former Columbus, Ohio resident will be on view by appointment at Dublin Arts Council, 7125 Riverside Dr., Dublin, Ohio from March 8 through April 15. Appointments can be scheduled, beginning in mid-February, at

Image: Andrea Quispe Chura (after a photograph by John Cohen)/John Cohen
Peruvian Andrea Quispe Chura, left, (after a photograph by John Cohen) and late photographer/musicologist John Cohen on right.  11″x14″ oil on canvas, 2021 by Berry van Boekel. Photo courtesy of Berry van Boekel

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To listen to a clip, click on the audio file or YouTube link associated with the artwork number and title:

  1. Canción de cuna húngria: Hejde Lilibe
  1. Angutnak and Mátee – Girls’ Game
  1. Cantilacíon shamánica Shuara
  1. CRASS – Step Outside/Rocky Eyes
  1. Elijah Pudloo Majeeta, a/o – Trois jeux de gorge, Katajjaq
  1. Ginto and Kuto – Chant individuel “Dit”
  1. Nggwal mindsha, antiphony to the ancestral spirits
  1. Mourning “Call” of the Melville and Bathurst Islands
  1. Sejente by two women of Colla
  1. Jon Ibragon – Anthropology
  1. Chant d’amour Jivaro
  1. Asurini de Trocara: Musique instrumentale
  1. Orphan’s Wail
  1. Canto Tankhul
  1. Sitengena with man’s voice: Gau
  1. Institute of Popular Culture, Tirana: Lament
  1. Mitsogo harp and vocal solo
  1. Theoretical Girls – Keyboard Etude
  1. Chant funebres de femmes “Koleo”
  1. Sakalava: Chant d’Exorcisme
  1. Abelam: Ocarinas and bamboo flutes
  1. Song of Shigatsé
  1. Cancion de cuna “Ho Ru Con”
  1. Miles Davis – Rated X
  1. Danse et chœur des hommes autour d’une tête réduite (1)
  1. Ivory Coast, Dan: Hunter’s Song from the Savannah (2)
  1. Wagu and Chinbu melodies on spirit flutes
  1. Cat Power – Wanderer
  1. Ujaj: Choeur de femmes
  1. Fataleka divinatory songs: Uunu (#1)
  1. I.A. – Born Free
  1. Wopkaimin: Woman’s song
  1. Shuar: Social Dance Singing (2, women’s group)
  1. Two young girls at Wayuna Pampa
  1. Harawi by two young women from Huarachiri
  1. Hut Song (Baka)
  1. Throat Singing “Anooway”
  1. Sisiwa and Nonohanapata – Aamamata: Lament by Oko’ohimane
  1. Malinke War song
  1. Edamaka hani amöde (Yucca Fertility Chant)
  1. Four teenage Baka Girls – Song to attract game
  1. The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

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  1. Tibetov – Le Petite Poule
  1. Pionka – Emoussimi
  1. Nina Simone – Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair

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  1. Chant de la bière maïs
  1. Amadu – Tartaro Solo
  1. Francis Bebey – Akwaaba
  1. Rokona – Sukute
  1. Rice Song (Land Dyak)
  1. Kiighwyaq – Pic’eine’rkin: Ay-ay-amanay
  1. Tonga Nose Flute Trio
  1. Sonic Youth – Shaking Hell
  1. Ben Aissa Berbers: Ahidus
  1. Nang Suy – Voix et jeux de flute
  1. Tuareg: Herding song, marriage song, and lullaby
  1. Can – Millionenspiel
  1. Female Anaguta workers: Women with mortar and pestle
  1. Jofirsti Lugisa – Umrhubhe, musical bow
  1. Hungary, Great Plains: Kék ibolya, ha leszakajtanálak (lyrical song)
  1. San: Trance Dance
  1. John Lee Hooker – I Got Eyes For You
  1. Pako Tà Ôi – A’bel
  1. Canción de cuna Ainu: Ihumke
  1. The Ex – Bouquet of Barbed Wire
  1. Kinya Dawson – For Boxer
  1. Aarisi and Ii’eresi – Aanamata na Kaukaurara
  1. Sonam Chungjung and Sonam Lamo – Pata nyima zangmo
  1. Huggy Bear – Her Jazz
  1. Iannis Xenakis – Theraps for Double Bass (by Aleksander Gabrys)
  1. Djauan tribe – Wongga, campfire trade songs
  1. Max Roach M’Boom – Re 1973
  1. Curing Song of the Sheriana
  1. Sushim-Ka (NW Korea)
  1. Mars – Helen Forsdale
  1. Incantation du chaman Iakoute
  1. Alaci Tulaugak & Nellie Nungak – Sound of the Wind
  1. Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Three for the Festival

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  1. Bounaka – Venolouma
  1. Fon Family ­– Hail Mumu, Social song
  1. Lambayeque: Male singer – Taki
  1. Chitenje Tambala – Ellis
  1. Kel ansar Tuareg woman: Bell’ilba (berceuse)
  1. Ustad Anwar Darbari and Ganti Khan – Raga
  1. Bitshû Kagaru
  1. Ainu narrative poem
  1. Motilon Indians – Chicha song
  1. Mongombi by four Aka men
  1. Chant l’oiseau toucan
  1. Peluari (Dalit): Ambubus Perawan
  1. Hanunóo Flute Duet (mother and daughter
  2. Walter Carlos – Dialogues for piano and two loudspeakers
  1. John Cage – The Works for Percussion 2
  1. Zeek Sheck – Speach Joe
  1. Lee Perry – Heads of Government
  2. Jean Dubuffet – Musical Experiences
  1. Nina Simone – Four Women
  1. Kulning at the Falun Folk Festival, 1995
  1. Pamahei
  1. Cuna Initiation Rite

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