Discover little-known sites in Downtown Dublin Ohio, USA. Solve the five-line limerick, learn about Dublin’s history and connection to Dublin’s award-winning Art in Public Places collection.

The walking tour covers a bit more than two miles of easy terrain – with one paved hill – and should take approximately 75-90 minutes to complete.

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If you prefer to complete the Adventure on paper, you can download it here.


Bring your completed Limerick, either on the Adventure Lab app or on paper, to Dublin Arts Council during regular hours to redeem for your pathtag. After hours, take a screen shot or photo and email it to Ava Morgan, Include your name and mailing address so Ava can mail your pathtag.

If you finish the adventure during a Dublin Arts Council event, bring your completed Adventure Lab back to ground zero (the Dublin Arts Council staff location) to redeem.

Thanks for joining the Adventure. We hope you learned something new and had a great time exploring!