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Big Turtle

Big Turtle Riverbox was one of the original six Riverboxes, created by artist Margaret McAdams in 2007. The sculpture was recreated in 2016 and again in 2020 after being damaged. It is now in its third location in Dublin’s Scioto Park.

Clue #1

Park your car down below, by the shelter house.

Clue #2

Head north when you reach
the fork in the road. 

Travel over where the water
flows, then continue down the
hill to the bend in the road. 

Clue #3

Look closely and beneath the vegetation you’ll find a place of protection from the outside world. 

The Scioto River was a natural travel route for the Native Americans between the Ohio River and Lake Erie. What we now call Riverside Drive and Dublin Road were once trails used by Native Americans and later by settlers. The Wyandot Indians were prevalent in the Dublin area and did not live here but camped, hunted and traveled along the river and trails to and from their primary village in what we now call Upper Sandusky. Ancient Indian cultures called Hopewells built a ceremonial mound in the vicinity of Scioto Park. Just about a mile north of Scioto Park was the location of the great Wyandot Chief Leatherlips’ encampment before he was executed in 1810. A grave marker is located on Riverside Drive, about a mile north of the park on the right side of the road.

N 40º07.012'
W 083º 06.709'


N 40º07.008'
W 083º 06.730'


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