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Sanguine Standing Stone
by artist Joseph Wheelwright
Dublin Arts Council

date commissioned:


7125 Riveside Drive

from the artist:

Joseph Wheelwright | Sanguine

Sanguine Standing Stone (quartzite) was acquired through Titration3: Rock, Paper, Sculpture, a one year, solo on-loan outdoor sculpture exhibition on the grounds of the Dublin Arts Council October 2009 through September 2010. The exhibition featured the work of Joseph Wheelwright, a Boston master carver and sculptor of stones, bones, trees and other natural materials.

The exhibition included three compelling works of art — an artwork in stone, a tree creation and a bronze sculpture. Two of the contemporary sculptures remain as permanent installations, selected by a community voting process.The exhibition series reflected the fluid properties of its name in the figurative sense: Dublin as a dynamic community, Dublin’s growing collection of public art and Dublin’s sense of cultural identity. The exhibition was co-curated by Dublin Arts Council Executive Director David S. Guion and public art curator Jesse Levesque Bishop of Louisville, Ky.


The sculptures attract visitors to the grounds of the Dublin Arts Council and encourage exploration of the riverfront grounds and the lovely historic facility.

Dublin Arts Council Grounds

This 4.32 acre estate provides sweeping views of the Scioto River to the west. On the grounds you'll find Riverboxes, an ARTbox, and public artworks. 


The property is rich with colorful stories and cultural heritage, providing inspiration to Dublin Arts Council in its mission to engage the community, cultivate creativity
and foster life-long learning through the arts.

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