Holocaust survivor’s art on display at Arts Council

by Jennifer Noblit, ThisWeek Community News - September 23, 2015 The Dublin Arts Council will bring a message from a 95-year-old Holocaust and Russian POW survivor to the community. "Alfred Tibor: Hatred Doesn't Work" will be on display at the Dublin Arts Council, 7125 Riverside Drive, from Sept. 29 to Dec. 19, spreading a message against hatred. [...]

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Bonds of friendship evident in women’s artwork

by Jackie Mantey, The Columbus Dispatch - May 3, 2015   It’s difficult to think of a better venue for the art exhibit “Family and Friends” than the Dublin Arts Council gallery, with its homelike layout and friendly gallery cat, D’Art, greeting visitors. “Family and Friends” presents the work of Marjorie Bender of Maryland and [...]

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Short North gallery owner Mac Worthington is no starving artist

by Jeannie Nuss, The Columbus Dispatch - March 16, 2015   At the stately riverside mansion that houses the Dublin Arts Council, dozens of people spent an evening late last month sipping wine, nibbling hors d’oeuvres and admiring colorful abstract paintings and sculptures of cityscapes. Mac Worthington, the artist behind the “Urban Sprawls” exhibit, moved [...]

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Paintings explore texture, repetition

by Elizabeth Trapp, The Columbus Dispatch - July 20, 2014 In an exhibition of 24 paintings at the Dublin Arts Council gallery, artists Luke Ahern, Michael Ambron and Andrew Ina use experimental and nontraditional techniques to explore what painting can be: pure alchemy. Before our eyes, innately hard surfaces are transformed into fields of soft [...]

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New lens on old life: Elaborate photographic set pieces keep relationship with grandmother alive

by Elizabeth Trapp, The Columbus Dispatch - May 4, 2014 Inspired by Victorian postmortem photographs and the “Flat Daddies and Flat Mommies” project serving families of members of the military, Jenny Fine explores the role of the photograph as a stand-in for a loved one. In 40 photos on view in “Flat Granny and Me: [...]

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Photographer captures beauty of heritage sites in Japan

By Christopher A. Yates, The Columbus Dispatch - January 19, 2014 Kazuyoshi Miyoshi has photographed natural wonders from the Sahara to the South Pole. His work is considered mostly conventional, as he doesn’t use unexpected camera tricks or unusual viewpoints. Instead, he allows the beauty of his subjects to speak for itself. View Full Article [...]

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Dublin Arts Council: Japanese ceramist continues folk-art tradition

By Christopher A. Yates, The Columbus Dispatch - December 2, 2013 The ceramic bowls, cups, vases and platters of Masayuki Miyajima — all mixing function with beauty — exude understated elegance. His work, on view at the Dublin Arts Council, is an extension of the Japanese mingei folk-art tradition. View Full Article » In the [...]

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Surreal landscape envelopes visitors

By Christopher A. Yates, The Columbus Dispatch - May 28, 2013 In the installation “Subrural,” Karen Snouffer, Jenn Figg and Matthew McCormack explore intersections of suburban and rural environments. View Full Article » In the News

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Dublin Arts Council: Sculptures come alive when wind picks up

By Christopher A. Yates, The Columbus Dispatch - March 17, 2013 Residents of central Ohio have surely passed by one of the Robert Mullins kinetic sculptures commissioned by companies and communities. The North Star, at the northwest corner of I-71 and Polaris Parkway, is distinctive with its simple star shape, reflective stainless steel and wind-powered [...]

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