Since UDDA, I’ve moved on from being a mechanic and am focused on videography and photography work. I’ve been hired onto a media production company as a director, making commercials and promo videos for NASCAR racers. I currently work with DB3 Imaging where I plan, shoot and edit videos for various clients. With DB3 I have to determine which equipment is best for the shoot and obtain it, stay in constant contact with anyone associated with the project and make sure everything runs as planned. I have to work with light, sound and create b-roll for all projects as well. I also have to work within deadlines in regards to editing.

Our Helpers, a local nonprofit that serves the Somali community in Columbus, reached out to me in order to spread awareness of the surge of violence within the community. I created a short documentary titled “Torn” that takes a closer look at the views and thoughts of members in the community regarding the recent homicides. It includes the thoughts of local faith leaders, youth and community organizers. The documentary was played at the Somali Cultural Festival on Saturday, August 26th. The short film meant a lot to me because I knew all of those who were murdered personally. I feel like we were unprepared for what happened and that the documentary would give people a reminder of the problems we’re facing. InshaAllah, my hope is that it will inspire change and action.

NOTE: The video below contains explicit language and mature content.