This project has enabled me to meet young Somalis who are making contributions to our central Ohio community. They are working towards breaking the negative stigma of being an immigrant in America. I was able to work with some of them and learn about their personal experiences and struggles. After the workshop, I was able to practice my photography skills. I would take my camera with me everywhere; practicing shutter speeds and different modes. Last fall, I took numerous senior pictures of my friends. Each session I was able to learn about different techniques that would help me become a better photographer. This summer I took some graduation photos of college students. I also did my first bridal shoot of a family friend. It was very stressful and exciting. This fall I will be starting Columbus State Community College. I hope to pursue a career in the medical field, dentistry or nursing. I haven’t decided just yet.

UDDA has enabled me to meet young Somalis, who are exceeding beyond their limits to break the negative stigma in our community. The biggest lesson that I learned from this experience would be stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring my artistic side.