Hi fellow arts patrons. D’Art, the Gallery Cat here. I have some exciting news I’d like to share with you. I’ve been promoted.

As you all know, I already have quite the list of responsibilities here at DAC. Between greeting arts patrons of all ages, giving tours of the building, chasing away creepy-crawly pests for my staff, attending all meetings and making guest appearances, my schedule is quite booked. On top of these everyday duties, I make my rounds to each office to supervise my staff.

Well, after numerous trips to visit my marketing team, I’ve been told I’m now the newest member of the marketing department. I’m still not sure what that means. All I know is Janet and Emily keep clicking things at me, they talk about my Facebook fans and now I have extra responsibilities.

As part of my promotion, I now have my very own box: D’Art’s no-litter cat box.  (Unfortunately, this box is outside and does not fit me – staff clearly missed the memo). I’m told that my box is what they call a cache, and it is hidden on the DAC grounds for our guests to find. When you find my box you’ll also find important information about the arts in Dublin. More specifically, you’ll discover information about our Riverboxes™ Series (interactive public artwork hidden in parks around Dublin) and the Riverboxes Challenge.

Although I haven’t personally been out and about riverboxing, (10 riverboxes = 3.15 miles of walking… I prefer to supervise from afar on my couch). I’ve flopped on many pictures, helped prepare program materials (I like to hold them in place for my staff), and heard many stories. So basically I’m an expert.

You can visit our Riverboxes page to get clues and GPS coordinates to each of the Riverboxes. In fact, you can even download a DAC Passport and enter in the Riverboxes Challenge to collect all 10 artist-created stamps and earn a geocoin. I’m told this coin can be kept as a reward to celebrate your adventure or you can drop it in other Riverboxes or caches and track its travels online.

If you download and print a passport, you can start your journey at any Riverbox. My advice? Start at my box, because I already have passports there waiting for you.

My staff created this cache with my strict supervision, and I must say that I give my stamp of approval. Literally, they took my pawprint and created an ink stamp so that all of my fans can have my autograph. My fans seem to enjoy it!

I hope you’ll go out and find my box and then explore our other Riverboxes in Dublin. And don’t forget to bring your passport back to DAC to earn your geocoin – and meet me, of course!

Happy Riverboxing! See you soon.


Gallery Cat
Marketing Department