My name is D’Art (get it?) and this is my board. Welcome. This is the place where I will finally share my thoughts. And trust me, you’ll want to hear them. Make sure you stay tuned. From time to time, I might even allow my staff at Dublin Arts Council to post their thoughts too.

But, first and foremost, a bit about myself. I’m told I’m an orange tabby cat. I have quite the physique, although my staff seems to think I need to drop a couple of pounds. They say it’s for my health, but I think they’re just keeping my treats for themselves.

My favorite foods are tuna, turkey and catnip. Oh, and I have an exquisite voice that my staff call “yowling” whenever I’m trying to get their attention. If they would just listen to me the first time… Apparently they don’t speak cat.

My journey began about five years ago and led me to my home at Dublin Arts Council. It’s hard to remember back that far, but I know that I lived outside for awhile. I loved being outside (I still try to sneak out to explore), except for the loud noises and the wet. I’ve heard that’s called a thunderstorm. (I hate thunderstorms.)

When I first got to the castle, (Dublin Arts Center) I was nervous, but I knew deep down I was finally safe. Soon I made myself at home. Now I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

My family takes good care of me. Christine shares her turkey with me, gives me water from my own glass and cuddles me. Janet always has cat grass for me to chew and she gives me treats when I don’t show off my impressive vocals. Michele has a big fluffy dog that I like to annoy and she also lets me visit her office and rubs my belly. David has a comfy couch and a secret door to the outside. I try to go through that door when nobody is looking. And Emily is new, so I let her share my office. She can’t have the couch though; that’s my couch.

Since we’re an arts council, I’ve had to brush up on my arts education. I make sure I attend all meetings; I am the gallery docent after all. I take my job very seriously. It’s my duty to properly greet all of our guests at the door (I’m quite social) and follow them through the gallery to make sure they view our exhibitions. And, if they have any questions, I lead them to Christine.

So, to recap- I have my own castle, a riverfront view, enough treats to last a lifetime, and a family who I’ll admit, I have wrapped around my paw. I’m a pretty lucky cat.

Check back soon to hear from David, my Executive Director!