Discover the art of volunteering!

Volunteering for Dublin Arts Council is more than just gallery sitting or stuffing envelopes. The positive energy that you generate through the gift of your time, personality, and skill is contagious. The act of giving of yourself extends through all the areas of your life and touches the lives of those around you.

Special Events

If you enjoy working in a fun atmosphere and meeting new people, then volunteering at a Dublin Arts Council event is right for you. Dublin Arts Council offers some fantastic events for you to get involved with throughout the year. Volunteers at these events staff our information booths, conduct surveys and provide general information and hospitality to guests.

Event Preparation

If you like working at your own pace behind the scenes, then why not sign up for an event preparation project? Dublin Arts Council almost always needs volunteers to cut, paste, press and copy.

If you are interested in volunteering with Dublin Arts Council, give us a call at 614.889.7444 for more information, or complete the form below to let us know of your interests and availability.