Dublin Arts Council offers the community a wealth of arts and arts education programs to entertain, engage, and enlighten, and we rely on contributions from individual and corporate donors to make these programs possible.

Your support comes in many forms, from membership to volunteering to event sponsorship and corporate partnerships. Each dollar and in-kind contribution is vital as we work to fulfill our mission: Dublin Arts Council engages the community, cultivates creativity and fosters life-long learning through the arts.

You can also support Dublin Arts Council every time you shop through Amazon Smile or Kroger's Community Rewards program. Enrollment is easy at smile.amazon.com and https://www.kroger.com/communityrewards. Kroger's program requires reactivation every April 1, so if you have previously enrolled, please check to make sure your preferences are current.

Want to know other ways that you can help? Contact us by phone, 614.889.7444 or email. Thank you for supporting the arts in our community.